The Red Heart Association appropriates the Italian craftsmanship and naturalness, essential values for the cycles of the earth, selection of fruit and vegetables and top-quality finished chain. These principles have led to the emergence of the Red Heart Association Italy to adopt her every hectare of land a few kilometers from Palagonia, the province of Catania, to grow in absolute respect of nature, in the name of a tradition of passion for knowledge of healthy eating among young people. The initial and future projects of the Red Heart Association Italy are to follow a 100% controlled supply chain, from harvesting to full ripening of fruit and vegetables and processed within a few hours, taking a path of naturalness and freshness of the product until the recipe to take table, a Sicilian tradition that remains over time and continues to be handed down.
The little heart symbol of love for the land they cultivate, the Red passion we put there, Italy a country that symbolizes the International genuineness three words put together and one symbol represent the production processes and the naturalness of RED HEART ASSOCIATION ITALY.


RED HEART ITALY comes from a wealth of twenty years experience in the fruit and vegetable sector with international representation. The in-depth knowledge of the local fruit and vegetable production, national and international lead the founder to the vocation to enhance and raise awareness of each product, making clear the proven ability in sharing food with an efficient distribution organization of advertising leaflets produced to promote knowledge the product on the national and European territory, all under the careful and meticulous guidance of RED HEART ITALY. We also entered into contracts with various manufacturers in order to monitor and control the product to be valued on the market. We operate in 360 degrees, changing mandatory advertising strategies so that the Red Heart Association Italy carry forward the 'instrumental activities to pursue its intended institutional order throughout the national and European territory, developing a product portfolio and expanded technology to meet all knowledge the benefit of the producer and the consumer.
Three offices located on three cardinal points Palagonia EU site in the province of Catania, San Miniato, near Pisa, and Breda in the Netherlands and in the field successfully sell to the most important signs of the fruit and vegetable markets the desire to enhance and raise awareness of good nutrition. Efficient logistics at the service of RED HEART ITALY leading daily on national and international territory knowledge of fruit and vegetables. The logistics service is the flower to 'eye Association Red Heart Italy together with strict time control and quality standards in order to be sure to exploit a valuable and fresh product. Red Heart Association Italy is a partner to collect the challenge of the market to the benefit of food knowledge, and innovative said today that it is proposed as a partner in the fruit and vegetable area. Our contribution can be to simply partner with a strong vocation for quality local fruit and vegetables, but we favor a greater involvement in the whole relationship management activities.
The goal for the future is to continue on the path mapped out but there's more, we hope to cooperate with you to put at your disposal our experience and seriousness. Know-How indeed rare today! All products are carefully cultivated and thoroughly checked by our agronomists everything to be sure that the products that we value are eligible for a careful consumer to its power. The main products are: Oranges, clementines, tangerines, lemons, grapes and small amounts of other fruits and vegetables all at NATIONAL level and INTERNAZIONAL