Project a smile between us

Project "Youth", designed by young people for young people, with the goal of teaching in a funny and unusual way the importance of healthy eating. It is the idea behind a project carried out to enhance and raise awareness among local vegetables, National and European with the birth of Ass. Red Heart Italian and addressed to all the young who come to healthy food.
The Red Heart Association Italy aims to contribute to give a smile to every child, and we have identified in your FOUNDATION, the materialisation of the project "YOUNG PEOPLE." Red Heart Italian who designed the project with the primary objective to educate to a correct nutrition and encouraging new lifestyles, encouraging active participation and improving a lifestyle especially among young adolescents, enhancing the knowledge of the "food traditions" as cultural elements and costruiendo behind a system that can give a smile already from growth, a portion of your contribution will go 'in favor of the Foundation.

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