The Orange juice
The 'Red Heart Association Italy has specialized in enhancing and raising the awareness of fruit and vegetables amongst young people and adolescents for proper nutrition. Projects are varied but the real strength of RED HEART ITALY are the fresh juices that the partner with various hotel facilities offer customers every morning. The spremutre are strictly a genuine product with 100% of blood oranges Moro and Tarocco varieties that for years among the many deliveries have been the subject of various satisfactions.
In fact we are collecting vivid appreciation and congratulations (photo by A. Gassman) not only from event organizers but mostly by ordinary people who every morning tasting the product, remains mervigliata intense aroma and red color of the sweet juice of Sicilian oranges.

The results of this extraordinary project partners with the Hotel Nettuno Catania ** were positive thanks to the owners of the Hotel who firmly believe in publicizing the high quality Sicilian products. This has led us to perserguire enhancement and awareness of these products, supporting and promoting young people to consume local vegetables for a healthy diet.

The Sicilian blood oranges and in particular the "MORO" varieties that are endangered is the true red orange par excellence, known more in foreign markets due to the multiple contained organoleptic properties, because they also know that the blood orange MORO be preferred over other generic oranges, and juice then gives the best of himself.

So, while enjoying the fresh juice and inviting red orange of Sicily, it helps your body stay in shape so pleasant and above all genuine. Because the blood orange juice or segments, is the most faithful ally, simple and tasty of our health: it gives flavor to a break, gives energy during the study and sports, always well-being. Few, however, know that the 'blood oranges from Sicily than other citrus fruits contain about 40% more vitamin C.

The blood orange is a true gift of Nature, a prestigious variety and unique.
The fresh fruit has a content of vitamins far superior to that of the stored product (pasteurized juices). In particular "provitamin A", "vitamin B1", "B12", "Biotin", "vitamin C" and "vitamin PP", which undergo a reduction of 50% during the storage process.

Therefore, the project covers the entire national territory and in Europe through the provision of public bodies, public administrations, Clubs and Cultural and sports associations that want to offer their guests at: Conferences, Congresses, Festivals, Fairs, Meetings, Exhibitions , festivals, etc. unsurpassed drink that will leave a safe pleasant memory to all the guests present.

gasman macchinetta rosso cuore

The following is the Sicilian red freshly squeezed orange juice offer:

  • 1,000 servings of 150ml freshly squeezed orange juice €2,200.00 (Full Package)
  • 2,000 servings of 150ml freshly squeezed orange juice €3,250.00 (Full Package)
  • 3,000 servings of 180ml freshly squeezed orange juice €4,300.00 (Full Package)
  • 4,000 servings of 180ml freshly squeezed orange juice €5,200.00 (Full Package)
  • 5,000 servings of 200ml freshly squeezed orange juice €6,200.00 (Full Package)
  • 6,000 servings of 200ml freshly squeezed orange juice €6,800.00 (Full Package)
  • 7,050 servings of 200ml freshly squeezed orange juice €7,200.00 (Full Package)
Full Package includes:

Supply of Sicilian red oranges - Logistics including related equipment to the indicated place - RCI Assistant for the whole day of the activity and also the fresh orange juice together with the professional citrus-fruit squeezer Rosso Cuore Italia.

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